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Saturday, 20 August 2016

I just work here...

There is a food market close to Waterloo station south bank side. We were there the other day with the girls, got a pizza for the kid, wife and I decided to eat sausages. I got to the stand, girls waiting at a table, and bought two sausage plates. Back at the table, wifey say, "what's that, I asked for a hot dog". "Okay then" back to the sausage stand.

A long introduction I know and none of it really matters but just a bit of a setting the scene. Anyway, I get to the stand and me and the guys that works the stand have this amazing conversation;
Me: Excuse me, I just bought 2 plates from you but my wife would rather have a sandwich. Please can you sell me a bun?
The guy: No friend, sorry can't do
Me: Why not? it is easy, take my money, give me a bun
The guy: I can't, the buns and the sausages are all counted for, they need to go together
And then, he comes up with the legendary mother of all excuses:
"I just work here."
Now, for some it may be the lamest excuse that people use to get out of various situations. But I think it is quite a loaded phrase.

It is a cocktail of one part helplessness, one part despair, a touch of fury and a sprinkle of self loath.

What the guy was actually telling me was;
"I know what I am telling you is total balls but I have no power to change the outcome."
Well, I just write here.

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