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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Technical debt series 2 - a little secret that will make the job go twice as fast

Sharry Bobbins

Well said Shary Bobbins;
Now, now, I know a little secret that will make the job go twice as fast. 
If there's a task that must be done,
Don't turn your tail and run.
Don't pout,
Don't sob,
Just do a half-assed job.
If you cut every corner,
It is really not so bad.
Everybody does it.
Even Mom and Dad.
If nobody sees it,
Then nobody gets mad. 

Some programming is half-arsed in the name of fitting into the sprint, business deadlines, regulations etc. That is fine. Well not really but I will give you that.

But can you half-arse technical debt? Can you do just enough to fix just that bit while you are actually on a mission to fix and make good? Surely, that is creating technical debt no?

Don't force program.

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