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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rabbit in the headlights

We have this coolness factor in software industry. Object oriented programming was cool some years ago and then it was distributed computing and then it was the internet programming and then Java. For programmers, same goes in smaller circles. Concepts and frameworks get 'cool' and then 'uncool'. Agile, TDD, naked objects, hibernate, IOC, spring, protobuffers...

All this 'coolness' causes a rabbit in the headlights effect on programmers. When something is cool, everybody uses it, but do you really need to? I just had a chat with one of my esteemed colleagues. Basically, we need to move some data over the wire and were considering, as you would these days, protobuffers. Then we realised; actually, the data we are trying to move has very simple structure, composed entirely of primitive types all in one class. Also, the structure is fixed. A simple toByteArray method or even default Java serialisation does the job.

So keep breathing, blink a few times and move off the road.

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